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Emily McPherson's debut novel, Mother of the River, is available now. Order your copy on!

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A poignant tale of love and loss, set on the beautiful backdrop of Ireland and filled with fairies and merrows and all sorts of fantastical creatures.

-Dakotah, Goodreads

[An] adventure filled with plenty of Irish Lore, hope, love and loss...The ending was bittersweet and it is clear that this crew has more to explore and more problems to solve in upcoming books.

-Stephanie's Book Reviews

Emily McPherson created a beautiful and intriguing story populated with folktales and legendary Celtic creatures...The world building is incredible. I really had the feeling to walk the Irish paths with the heroine and her friend. The beauty and magic of Ireland are at the heart of the story.

-A Blue Box Full of Books

McPherson does a beautiful job entwining these mythical creatures into her world and making them believable. Each character was well thought out and I loved the charisma and sense of family between Ianthe's family and Fintan's family The humor and teasing between them felt Irish and reminded me of the times spent with my Irish and Scottish friends. Finally, I enjoyed the mystery and the journey to uncover what happened to Ianthe's mother. I thought the author did well taking all the pieces she planted...using them to fit the pieces together at the end.

-Kim's Book Reviews

Full of the magic of Ireland...with surprise twists at every turn.

-Books A Plenty

Wow what an adventure! Emily McPherson created a world that I could imagine somewhere in Ireland filled with fairies and all sorts of mythical creatures. I am hoping there will be a book 2 coming soon. If you feel like escaping into a magical world read this!

-Enjoying Books Again

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