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Vote for tonights reading!

Choose which scene from Mother of the River you want Emily McPherson to read tonight!

Family (1).png

Option one - the Family scene: We all have the family we were given and the family which we choose, and Mother of the River is about both. This scene depicts the dynamic between the two main families in the book - Ianthe and her dad, Evander, and Fintan and his dad, Sean.


Option two - the Romance scene: In this scene, we see Ianthe and Fintan starting to trust each other and see each other in a new light.

Family (2).png

Option three - the Irish Legend scene: There is no shortage of Irish lore in this book! During a particularly nasty storm, the four main characters hide in a cellar, and Sean decides to tell the others the legend of the Sluagh (SLOO-uh).

Family (4).png

Option four - a Random scene: I'll have someone flip the book open to any random page, and I'll read a spoiler-free scene.

*If a major spoiler is on the entire page, I'll flip to the next page. No spoilers allowed!

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