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May the roof above us never fall in. And may the friends gathered below it never fall out.

Ianthe is back with another adventure, and this time, she's leaving home. The Scréch Sídhe is dead, but now Ianthe is seeing shadows of the ones loved and lost everywhere she goes. Hoping to heal and leave the past where it belongs, she departs from the town of East Wind, Ireland to visit her aunt just outside the bustling city of Derry. But fate waits for no woman, and a new threat is circling the skies.

It's been three months since Fintan died in the river, and now the girl he loves can barely look at him without seeing a corpse. While Ianthe travels to Derry, Fintan stays behind to run his newly inherited weaponry, but coughing up buckets of water three months after drowning wasn't something he saw coming. In a race against time, Fintan searches for answers and digs into the history of his kind. But he had already died once, and who could survive their own death?

Shadow of the Raven

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